Students will benefit from unique, hands on, theme based learning experience which will stimulate their thinking process and impact their memories. This will help to enhance future school learning activities. They will learn while having fun in a more informal environment.

Your students will receive an enriched learning experience outside their usual classroom setting. Different experiences will provoke and enhance the inquisitive nature of the individual child. Activity learning centers will be comprised of small groups. 

Children expand their horizons and learn new ideas by participating with their classmates in learning adventures outside their regular classroom settings. Ms. Cuqui brings to your student many different exciting theme-based adventures.

An in house field trip can help a child to expand cognitive learning. A student may recall what they learn on a field trip better than what they can learn inside their classroom. In the Rain Forest, the students will be surrounded by sounds, sights and animals of the Rain Forest, while on the Polar Experience they will travel far to explore life in that region.


Currently Available Learning Adventures Include:


While on this experience the children will participate in Hands-on activities to learn about plants and animals and other factors related to this ecosystem. Students can handle live animals and experience the sights and sounds of the Rainforest first hand.

The Polar Experience

A very cool exploration of the polar habitat and it’s living creatures. Rich with materials that allow learning through investigation, this adventure is sure to leave the children wanting more.

Under the Sea

Dive deep into the ocean for a hands – on learning experience. The children will have varied tools and materials to explore fish, mammals and plants from the sea.

Outer Space

An out of this world adventure that allows students to explore and learn about the planets, comets, stars and meteors through hands – on activities.

Creepy Crawlers

The Children will have the opportunity to see and handle insects and arachnoids.  They will explore their habitat with the use of various tools.

The Human Body

Through the use of their 5 senses, technology and learning materials the students will better understand the Human body, organs, and their functions.


 Time travel back to the Jurassic Period. 



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